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It takes 250 tons of earth to be sifted to find one carat of  rough diamond crystals. Only one diamond crystal in a million carats mined will be large enough to cut into a one carat diamond. Diamonds have been found in every color of the rainbow. If the color is vivid the diamond is […]


There is something truly remarkable about diamonds. Even after working in this field these last many years I can’t explain the phenomena. A diamond stands alone as the most cherished of stones. It symbolizes love, romance and commitment. It’s a girl’s best friend. It can be worn day or night, with any outfit, it’s never […]

Brown Diamonds

In 1985 production from the Argyle Mine in Australia took the international diamond market by storm. Suddenly there was a large supply of brown tinted diamonds entering the supply chain. This created a problem. Prior to this event most of the diamonds bought and sold in the market had a tint of yellow. The few […]

The 4 C’s – Clarity

Clarity The clarity grade of a diamond is assigned by trained professionals, based on their visual examination of the gemstone under 10 power magnification. The size, location, number and color of inclusions all impact on the clarity grade. Some ask, “If you can’t see it why is it important.” To answer this question properly we […]

April Birthstone . . . Diamonds

Diamond is the birth stone for the lucky folks born in April as well as the traditional anniversary gift for the tenth year of marriage. The allure and history of diamonds is nearly as fascinating as its unmatched beauty and elegance. Truly the king of all gemstones, diamonds offer clarity, brilliance, and breathtaking depth like […]