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Freshwater Pearl

This freshwater pearl know as the “The sleeping lion” recently sold for $500,000 at auction in Amsterdam. The pearl is believed to have been found in Chinese waters in the 18th century. The pearl was transported to Europe in the mid 1760’s. The pearl measures 7 cm. in length and weighs more than 100 grams.

October Birthstone: Opal

Pliny the Elder called OPAL the most precious gem because it contained all of the other gemstone colors. Australian aborigines held OPAL sacred because the Creator came to earth on a giant rainbow and where he rested was the first OPAL deposit. Queen Victoria bestowed lavish OPAL jewelry on her friends and family, including Czar […]

Emeralds – May’s Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May because its color symbolizes the rebirth and renewal that comes with spring. Pantone named Emerald the Color of the Year for 2013 because of the “luxury and elegance it brings to the palette”. The folklore of the Emerald is that the gemstone has the powers to […]


It takes 250 tons of earth to be sifted to find one carat of  rough diamond crystals. Only one diamond crystal in a million carats mined will be large enough to cut into a one carat diamond. Diamonds have been found in every color of the rainbow. If the color is vivid the diamond is […]

We Make Jewelry!

Custom Designs – Our Specialty Since the dawn of history, mankind has held a special fascination for precious metals and gems. Their glitter holds a mystic beauty even in their natural state. The inner glow emanating from within inspired the ancient craftsman to create and mold an art form that has been handed down from […]