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The 4 C’s – Clarity

Clarity The clarity grade of a diamond is assigned by trained professionals, based on their visual examination of the gemstone under 10 power magnification. The size, location, number and color of inclusions all impact on the clarity grade. Some ask, “If you can’t see it why is it important.” To answer this question properly we […]

Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Chinese Cultured Pearls Pollution problems in Japan’s Biwa lake have lead to ever increasing demand for Chinese cultured pearls. Pearl farming in China dates to the mid 60’s. Until recently most of the pearls were of a low quality. Recently, pearl production and quality have advanced significantly. The typical freshwater mollusk is nucleated with 30 […]

Care and Cleaning of Your Jewelry

Care: Separate your jewelry.  Place individual items in compartmentalized areas within your jewelry box or in separate containers such as plastic zip lock bags.  Remove all jewelry before showering.  Soap will form a film on your jewelry. Put jewelry on after applying makeup or cosmetics. Chemicals in these substances can dull the shine of gold […]

History of Bracelets

The earliest bracelets date back to around 2500 BC and were worn by the Sumerians in southern Mesopatamia. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, finger rings and ear rings made the women of Sumer into show windows of their husband’s prosperity. Bracelets were found in the tombs of Ur where it was customary to bury royalty with their […]

Tips on Buying a Diamond.

Buy from someone you trust. You are not going to be able to determine the difference between two similar appearing stones. Diamond certificates don’t tell the whole story. Stick to certificates performed by the American Gem Society (AGS), Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and ask lots of questions. Examine diamonds unmounted, using a gem microscope […]

Blue Beauties

Blue Beauties – Everyone’s Favorite GemstoneThe number one selling gemstone again this year at the jewelry trade’s biggest gem show held yearly in Tucson, AZ was blue sapphire! If you were lucky enough to be born in the month of September, this is your official birthstone. Sapphire is also the suggested gem gift for those […]

Black Diamonds

The author of Collecting and Classifying Coloured Diamonds, gemologist Steven Hofer states, black diamonds are in “a transitional carbon state between graphite and pure diamond”.  Hoffer continues, “The typical black diamond is composed of a mishmash of atoms rather than a regular, homogenous arrangement.” Black diamonds are both difficult and time consuming to cut. Surfacing […]

Art Nouveau Jewelry

Art Nouveau refers to a style of jewelry favoring a free flowing, elaborately curved style that was a radical departure from the Victorian era. The Art Nouveau period was popular from the 1890’s until 1910.Art Nouveau designers were influenced by nature and subsequently gave organic shape and life to jewelry. Jewelry often combined inexpensive gemstones […]