Pink Tourmaline October’s Birthstone

307028- Pink Tourmaline
Pink tourmaline mounted in a 14 karat yellow gold ring.

Pink Tourmaline is the faceted choice for October’s birthstone. Pink Tourmaline is now available in better qualities than any time in the last century. In fact the light pinks from Brazil are scarcer that near rubellite magenta colors from Mozambique and Nigeria today.

The gemstone Tourmaline is also the accepted gem for the fifth and the eighth wedding anniversary. The name Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word “tura mali” which translates as the stone of mixed colors.

Tourmaline is available in a wide variety of colors from black to bluish-black, dark brown, blue to neon blue, lime to dark forest green, red and reddish purple, yellow, pink and colorless.

The color pink is the Tourmaline that typically represents the month of October.
Ancient legend says that tourmaline is found in all colors because it traveled along a rainbow and gathered up all the rainbow’s colors. Legend tells of Tourmaline’s power to attract friends and lovers, protect the wearer against bad decisions, and to shield its owner from danger. Tourmaline is believed to strengthen the body and spirit, especially the nervous system, blood, and lymph nodes. To learn more visit Laney’s in New Town. 229-7333