Fun Diamonds Facts

It takes 250 tons of Earth to obtain a 1 carat Diamond.

Diamonds are not the hardest substance on the face of the earth. They are the hardest “natural” substance but man-made synthetics are harder.

98% of all Diamonds are NOT actually white in color.

It takes 1405 degrees of heat to burn a diamond.

Only a Diamond can scratch or polish another Diamond.

Some Diamonds actually glow in the dark (known as fluorescence). They glow blue.

85% of Diamonds mined are NOT used in jewelry.

Many skin care products on the market use Diamond Dust as an active ingredient.

The largest Diamond in the world is the Cullinan Diamond weighing 3,106 carats.

Diamonds were originally weighed against the seed of a carob tree.

The average Diamond size for an engagement ring is only 0.38 carats.

Diamonds come in wonderful fancy colors like pink, blue, green, champagne, black, chocolate, yellow, red, gray,and even purple. Red is the rarest!

Diamonds do NOT float in water. That’s why Diamonds are often found in river beds.