Cobalt Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

cor168 Cobalt is a bright white metal that is harder and subsequently more scratch resistant that platinum, gold or silver. Only tungsten bands will be harder and more scratch resistance. A cobalt ring is truly white in color. !4 karat white gold, sterling silver, platinum, tungsten and titanium will all age slightly and appear slightly different in color. Cobalt rings are relatively inexpensive. You’ll find cobalt band are comparable in price to tungsten, titanium, silver and well below the price for 14K, 18K and platinum.

The major negative is cobalt bands can not be sized. Over time, just about everyone has to size their wedding bands. If you have a cobalt band the ring will have to be replaced with another wedding band. If you are likely to be sentimentally attached to your wedding band I would encourage you to consider sterling silver bands instead.

Another point to keep in mind bands that are made of a tough metals such as cobalt or tungsten can not be cut with a typically jeweler’s ring cutter. If you should ever hurt your hand and need to remove your cobalt or tungsten band you might find it difficult locating someone who can remove the ring. Typically this involves compressing the band until it shatters. Imagine putting the ring in a vice and squeezing.

For these reasons I encourage individuals interested in low cost white metal wedding bands to seriously consider sterling silver.

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