The 4 C’s – Color

Diamonds typically have a tint of yellow or brown color.

Most diamonds exhibit a tint of color. The color is usually yellow or brown. Diamonds, can also be tinted, blue, green, red and brown. These diamonds are called fancy colored and are extremely rare.

Diamonds with a light yellow or brown tint are the gemstone we commonly find in jewelry.
Today, diamonds are typically grade on a scale developed by the Gemological Institute of America. The scale runs from totally colorless to light yellow. A totally colorless diamond would be graded as a “D” At the opposite end, a light yellow diamond would be graded as “Z”.
Subtle differences in color have a profound impact on price. The less color, the rarer the gemstone and the higher its value.

The color in a faint yellow or faint brown diamond is often masked by mounting the gem in a yellow gold setting. White metal often enhances a fancy colored diamond. Cutters often leave a large culet on pear, oval and marquis shaped diamonds to enhance color.

The Gemological Institute of American has an impressive flash point presentation that illustrates the color range of diamonds typically found in jewelry. I would encourage you to visit the site and view the animation.

GiA  color grading annimation
GiA color grading annimation