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Custom Made Sapphire and Diamond Ring

We we asked to create a 14 karat white gold engagement ring.
Our client wanted the design to incorporated alternating sapphires and diamonds. There was to be a total of five gemstones, three sapphires and two diamonds.  Our client wanted the center stone to be an emerald cut sapphire, of medium size approximately 7 mm. by 5 mm.  The design was to include a round diamond on either side of the center stone.  The last two stones selected were triangular cut sapphires similar in color to the center sapphire.  All the gemstones were to be mounted in white gold.  The four smaller gemstones; two diamonds and two sapphires were to be of a size to compliment the center stone.  Lastly, we were given a budget.

This is the design we proposed.  Our client approved and we began our search for the gemstones.  CUSTOM~5We selected sapphires of a vibrant blue color and diamonds of uncompromising brilliance all within our budget.

Again, we asked our client to approve our selection.  Our client loved the gemstones and asked us to continue.  We immediately got to work!

Our goldsmiths created this ring of uncompromising beauty. Craftsmanship and attention to details are our hallmarks. cust1
Needless to say, our client was ecstatic!

Custom Designed Jewelry

We can show you what your custom jewelry will look like before we set a single stone.

For years Laney’s sketched out designs for customers who wanted new jewelry or an updated version of a piece they already owned. These “counter sketches”: would illustrate what the final jewelry design would look like and upon approval, be given to the bench person to fabricate it.

One of the problems with counter sketches is that they require the customer to visualize the design. In fact, many customers don’t know whether or not they like a design until a wax figure has been made of it or possibly not until the jewelry has been made.

Laney’s is the first jeweler in the area to offer jewelry customers a quicker and more comprehensive alternative to counter sketches. Using jewelry design software, customers actually participate in the creation of their jewelry.

This powerful software comes loaded with hundreds of images of actual jewelry not sketches – from diamonds and precious gems to mountings and other jewelry components. We use these images to assemble lifelike designs on our computer monitor. This realistic presentation allows our customers to know instantly if they like a particular piece and it makes it easier for us to quickly provide design alternatives.
For example, if a customer was looking at a ring design that contained emeralds but wanted to know what the same ring would look like with diamonds, we could change the stones to diamonds in a matter of seconds. In no time, the customer could determine which version he or she liked better.

The workstation’s interactive capabilities also make it easier for us to do appraisals and highlight areas of jewelry which need to be repaired – right in front of our customers’ eyes.

Once a design has received customer approval, a color print is made of it. This provides a visual record for both the client and our jewelry craftsman. The picture is an accurate blueprint from which to work.
This flexibility allows Laney’s to design and show customers anything they want.

Laney’s is one of a select few jewelry stores nationally that uses this cutting edge jewelry design program.

[quote]Doug says, “Custom designing jewelry is one of the most fascinating aspects of this business. It gives us an opportunity to be creative. No two design opportunities are the same.”  [/quote]

If you would like to make something new or would like to rework something you already own visit Laney’s and allow them the opportunity to present you with a number of intriguing possibilities.