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Custom Designed Jewelry

We can show you what your custom jewelry will look like before we set a single stone. For years Laney’s sketched out designs for customers who wanted new jewelry or an updated version of a piece they already owned. These “counter sketches”: would illustrate what the final jewelry design would look like and upon approval, […]

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Laney's Diamonds & Jewelry

Laney’s Serving the Williamsburg Community Since 1980!

Laney’s is a full service jewelry store.  We are members of the American Gem Society.  We are open Tues. – Fri.  11AM-6PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM.   5121 Center Street, Suite 103, Williamsburg, VA  (757) 229-7333. Our Services  

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Accessorizing your wardrobe with jewelry

Currently, the citrus shades are heavily promoted in fashion but that doesn’t mean these are the colors one should look for in jewelry.  Pink jewelry for example will stand out more when worn with any other color of clothing than pink.   The color of a gemstone should compliment your clothing both in color and intensity. […]

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