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What message do you send by the colors you wear?

With gemstones available in every color under the sun and each of us experiencing color individually and uniquely, you have the ability to say a lot about yourself with the jewelry you wear. Red, yellow and orange are traditionally “warm” colors as they are associated with sources of heat (the sun and fire.) These colors […]

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Blue Beauties

Blue Beauties – Everyone’s Favorite GemstoneThe number one selling gemstone again this year at the jewelry trade’s biggest gem show held yearly in Tucson, AZ was blue sapphire! If you were lucky enough to be born in the month of September, this is your official birthstone. Sapphire is also the suggested gem gift for those […]

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Accessorizing your wardrobe with jewelry

Currently, the citrus shades are heavily promoted in fashion but that doesn’t mean these are the colors one should look for in jewelry.  Pink jewelry for example will stand out more when worn with any other color of clothing than pink.   The color of a gemstone should compliment your clothing both in color and intensity. […]

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