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aquamarine ring


Aquamarine is the birth stone for those born in the month of March as well as the designated gemstone for the 18th wedding anniversary. Aquamarine is the blue to greenish blue variety of the mineral beryl. Emeralds and Morganite are also members of the beryl family. The gemstone is often linked with water. One early […]

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Diamond – April’s Birthstone

April’s Birth Stone . . .DiamondTruly the King of all Gemstones, a diamond offers clarity, brilliance and breathtaking depth like no other gemstone. Diamonds are the most classic of all jewels. Their unmatched beauty and elegance make them ideal for marking life’s most important occasions, from the birth of a child to milestones like graduation […]

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Allergies and Alloys

Sometimes, as jewelers, we are asked if our jewelry is made of pure gold. Technically speaking, only gold with no additives can be called pure. Pure gold (24K) tends to be too soft to be used for jewelry. So various metals that act as hardeners such as silver, copper, nickel, palladium or zinc are added […]

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The amethyst is February’s birthstone and it is associated with many myths and legends. The story is told that Bacchus, the Greek god of wine, was insulted one day by a mortal. Enraged, he called forth vicious tigers to exact revenge on the next mortal who would cross his path. This unfortunate individual was the […]

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