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red diamond

Red Diamonds

Of all the colors fancy color diamonds exhibit the red diamond is one of the  rarest.  The color occurs when the diamond crystal is compressed under extreme pressure to the point the crystal structure is permanently altered.  Needless to say such events are extremely rare. One of the joys in working in the jewelry industry […]

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What message do you send by the colors you wear?

With gemstones available in every color under the sun and each of us experiencing color individually and uniquely, you have the ability to say a lot about yourself with the jewelry you wear. Red, yellow and orange are traditionally “warm” colors as they are associated with sources of heat (the sun and fire.) These colors […]

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Citrine Citrine is the alternate birthstone for the month of November. Citrine ranges in color from pale yellow to dark brownish orange. The name is derived from the French word “citrin”, meaning “yellow’. The use of this term dates to the 16th century when it came to represent the golden shades of the quartz family. […]

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Diamonds Usually Have a Slight Tint of Yellow

As you are likely aware a true colorless diamond is quite rare.  Most diamonds have a slight tint of yellow.    In most case we don’t  see the color until the tint of yellow becomes pronounced.   Each of us see color differently.   What appears to be a diamond with a slight tint of yellow for one […]

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Brown Diamonds

In 1985 production from the Argyle Mine in Australia took the international diamond market by storm. Suddenly there was a large supply of brown tinted diamonds entering the supply chain. This created a problem. Prior to this event most of the diamonds bought and sold in the market had a tint of yellow. The few […]

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Laney's Diamonds & Jewelry

Laney’s Serving the Williamsburg Community Since 1980!

Laney’s is a full service jewelry store.  We are members of the American Gem Society.  We are open Tues. – Fri.  11AM-6PM and Saturday 11AM-5PM.   5121 Center Street, Suite 103, Williamsburg, VA  (757) 229-7333. Our Services  

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In the Market for a Diamond?

If you are looking for a loose diamond, diamond earrings, diamond band or diamond engagement ring please visit our alternate site. 

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Cobalt Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

Cobalt is a bright white metal that is harder and subsequently more scratch resistant that platinum, gold or silver. Only tungsten bands will be harder and more scratch resistance. A cobalt ring is truly white in color. !4 karat white gold, sterling silver, platinum, tungsten and titanium will all age slightly and appear slightly different […]

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Ruby Ring

Colored Stones Still Sizzling

Colored stones are still sizzling! The universe of colored gemstones is endlessly fascinating. For centuries, nearly every culture has held the belief that colored gemstones possess magical powers or the ability to provide the wearer with special attributes and protections or healing properties. This way of thinking has motivated the world of fashion. Natural gemstone […]

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The 4 C’s – Color

Color Most diamonds exhibit a tint of color. The color is usually yellow or brown. Diamonds, can also be tinted, blue, green, red and brown. These diamonds are called fancy colored and are extremely rare. Diamonds with a light yellow or brown tint are the gemstone we commonly find in jewelry. Today, diamonds are typically […]

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