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Diamond Studs 45% Off! – Really?

I recently received an advertisement from a diamond firm that specializes in diamond stud earrings. The company sells one pair of 1 CT., white diamond studs for 45% less than another pair of 1 CT., white diamond studs. Wait a minute, how can they do this? Both pair of diamonds studs weigh the same. Both […]

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There is something truly remarkable about diamonds. Even after working in this field these last many years I can’t explain the phenomena. A diamond stands alone as the most cherished of stones. It symbolizes love, romance and commitment. It’s a girl’s best friend. It can be worn day or night, with any outfit, it’s never […]

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Custom Made Sapphire and Diamond Ring

We we asked to create a 14 karat white gold engagement ring. Our client wanted the design to incorporated alternating sapphires and diamonds. There was to be a total of five gemstones, three sapphires and two diamonds.  Our client wanted the center stone to be an emerald cut sapphire, of medium size approximately 7 mm. […]

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Blue Diamond

This blue diamond ring sold in April 2013 for approximately 9.6 million dollars.  The ring was made by Bolgari.   Trace amounts of boron combined with the carbon atoms are responsible for the diamond’s blue color.

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We Make Jewelry!

Custom Designs – Our Specialty Since the dawn of history, mankind has held a special fascination for precious metals and gems. Their glitter holds a mystic beauty even in their natural state. The inner glow emanating from within inspired the ancient craftsman to create and mold an art form that has been handed down from […]

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Custom Designed Jewelry

We can show you what your custom jewelry will look like before we set a single stone. For years Laney’s sketched out designs for customers who wanted new jewelry or an updated version of a piece they already owned. These “counter sketches”: would illustrate what the final jewelry design would look like and upon approval, […]

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Cultured Pearls

Japanese Akoya (saltwater) cultured and natural pearls are similar in that both have a nacreous coating formed around an irritant.  In the case of a cultured pearl the irritant is typically a mother of pearl bead only slightly smaller than the cultured pearl. Freshwater cultured pearls are tissue-nucleated and subsequently are not as spherical as […]

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red diamond

Red Diamonds

Of all the colors fancy color diamonds exhibit the red diamond is one of the  rarest.  The color occurs when the diamond crystal is compressed under extreme pressure to the point the crystal structure is permanently altered.  Needless to say such events are extremely rare. One of the joys in working in the jewelry industry […]

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What message do you send by the colors you wear?

With gemstones available in every color under the sun and each of us experiencing color individually and uniquely, you have the ability to say a lot about yourself with the jewelry you wear. Red, yellow and orange are traditionally “warm” colors as they are associated with sources of heat (the sun and fire.) These colors […]

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Citrine Citrine is the alternate birthstone for the month of November. Citrine ranges in color from pale yellow to dark brownish orange. The name is derived from the French word “citrin”, meaning “yellow’. The use of this term dates to the 16th century when it came to represent the golden shades of the quartz family. […]

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